The Matheny Project

 The Matheny Project acknowledges and honors those living with spinal
cord injuries and neurological
illnesses and those who live, love, laugh and cry with them.


As a part of the Matheny Project, Heppner, Oregon native, Sandy Matheny, and her Aunt Doris Pitzer of Hermiston collaborated to produce two musical CDs; “When the Heart is Calm” (2014) and “These Old Hills Will Sing” (2011).   Dave’s sister Sandy and Aunt Doris share their love of creating music with gratitude for the grace of life’s eternal circle of beginnings and endings; ending and beginnings. IMG_0388

Hope dwells in the hearts of those who seek

We dedicate this work to those living with spinal injury and neurological illnesses and to those who live, love, laugh and cry with them.  All proceeds from your purchase of this CD are donated to the Oregon Health Sciences University Foundation in support of Neurological Surgery’s Innovation Fund and their ongoing research.

 An eastern Oregon wheat rancher, Dave Matheny, was seriously injured in a horse accident in September 2001.  With the help of family and friends, and his indomitable spirit, Dave remained an active member of the family ranch until his passing in October 2013.