About Us




Project Administration:

Molly Rill (nee Becket) and Sandy have been friends since they were 5 years old.  It was Molly’s desire to do “something” (for Dave and others) as well as wanting to record Sandy’s music that provided the idea and the motivation to roll out what became the Matheny Project.

They laugh at having gone through producing 2 CDs and still being friends!



The Graphics ‘Whiz’: Cookie

Molly and Sandy met Catherine Christensen (nee Anhorn) while at Oregon State and were room roommates there until graduation.  ‘Cookie’ is the graphics design  wizard and we are in awe of not only her talent, but her tenacity as well!

Though she didn’t grow up here, Catherine’s roots are deep in the Heppner area.  Her great grandfather established Reid’s mill on Thorn creek up above Hardman and Parker’s Mill sometime right after 1900.  Her other grandparents, Jeff and Clara Beamer, operated a horse-drawn freighting business in Heppner at about the same time.  Cookie’s mom, Irene Beamer Anhorn, moved home to Heppner on retirement and resided there until her death.

Catherine also offers a special thanks to co-worker, Ray Dusenberry, for his patience and technical help.



Aunt Doris:d1

Doris has been making music since she could reach the piano keys and she and Sandy have been making music together since Sandy could sing.  There is just no substitute for being able to jump into something knowing where your partner is going to land.  They often talk about what a delight it is to be able to do something they love to do, and to be able to do it together, while doing some good with it.

It almost goes without saying that Aunt Doris’s ability to create all of the instrumentation is impressive.  She makes that keyboard do things even it didn’t know it could do.  What DOES need to be said is that she is closer to 84 than she is to 83 years of age and is producing new originals like never before.  Stay tuned for the next project!




The Sound Guyssound

 Wayne Seitz and Dennis Stefani once again brought their noteworthy talent to bear producing our second CD at Strawberry Lane Studio #1.   Wayne’s band, Even Plane, released its first CD in the fall of 2010.  Wanting to record the band’s music, Wayne bought a digital recorder and turned a 900-square-foot building wing into a recording studio. 

Wayne taught himself about recording, with help from Dennis Stefani of Ione.  Dennis worked as a recording engineer for several years at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles.  His father’s failing health brought Dennis home to help for a while on the family farm near Ione, OR.  

In addition to their ‘day jobs’, Wayne as a crop duster and Dennis now as a Foreman general for the railroad, they are working on several new original musical releases.   

  Read about Even Plane on Facebook.